Firefox Sync Server Setup

I have been using Firefox Sync self-hosting for a while now. I think I started in 2010, the project was still called Weave at this time. Since Firefox 29, Mozilla added a new protocol, and is still offering the possibility to selfhost it. I’ve been postponing upgrading for a while since the old protocol was still working, while still making a few unsuccessful attempts to upgrade. The sync stopped working a while ago, not sure if it’s Firefox related or maybe a problem on my server. Anyway, I finally managed to selfhost the new sync server after much head scratching, hours lost on google search, coffee, and headaches.

This small guide is an attempt to explain how, and also a reminder for me next time I want to do it 😄. It will cover selfhosting Firefox Sync with the following requirements :

  • Hosting on ONE server for all components (Firefox Sync + Firefox Accounts)
  • Debian Wheezy.
  • Apache (reverse proxy).
  • SSL. I am using CACert to sign my certificates, but selfsigned should work as well.
  • MySQL.
  • Linux and Android sync.

This guide assumes you are familiar with Linux system administration in general, that you more or less understand what you are doing and know how to do use a search engine in case anything goes wrong 😄.

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